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Spice Addiction

Spice Addiction Facts

Drug addiction continues to take on different twists with new synthetic versions becoming available on a regular basis. The goal of illicit drug makers is to stay ahead of the law, producing chemical cocktails that can be smoked, ingested, injected or inhaled to get high without the product being illegal to sell or possess. Spice is yet another compound in the class of synthetic drugs. Spice addiction got a foothold while lawmakers were working to have it removed from head shops and even gas stations where it used to be openly sold.

What is Spice?

Spice is the street name for a type of synthetic marijuana. K2 is a brand example. It is not derived from real cannabis. It is typically made of plants that mimic cannabinoid reactions but is also treated with synthetic cannabinoid compounds that can vary in their makeup. Addictions to Spice grew rapidly because of the marketing of the product as being “natural”, therefore implying that it was safe to use. Nothing could be further from the truth. The “natural” claims are false. Spice is laced with chemical cocktails that are causing everything from seizures to kidney failure.

How is Spice Used?

Spice is sold in little packets. Inside is a plant material that highly resembles potpourri products. In fact, some brands of the synthetic marijuana are marketed as being potpourri. It comes in different scents such as strawberry. It is usually smoked in small pipes or made into a sort of tea to drink. It can have a pleasant smell disassociating it from real marijuana, making some think it is new and safe to use. However, addiction to Spice is a growing problem. The lack of stigma associated with the drug makes it enticing to first-time drug users, and the powerful addictive factors of synthetic cannabinoids may delay Spice addiction recovery.

Spice Addiction Symptoms

The feeling of a need to get high is a first sign. Spice is reported by users of not providing a lasting high. The synthetics in the drug make the high often more intense though somewhat comparatively short lived. Users report feeling the need to smoke or ingest Spice at closer intervals to halt feelings of withdrawal that begin to set in. It then begins a vicious cycle of needing the drug more often to satisfy the cravings. It mimics the addiction profiles of much harder drugs.

Spice Addiction Withdrawal

Users of Spice complain about Spice addiction withdrawal symptoms similar to crack cocaine. This synthetic marijuana is taking a heavy toll on users. Being touted as “natural” and “safe” is the lure, but many users are experiencing typical symptoms of withdrawal associated with much harder drugs. Typically, the reported withdrawal symptoms include paranoia, bad dreams, nausea, sweating, depression, insomnia, restlessness and anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts. Spice addiction recovery can be delayed by a strong will to relapse to avoid symptoms.

Spice Addiction Treatment

It is important to involve a physician in Spice addiction treatment. Reports of kidney failure while on the drug are becoming more common. Spice addiction recovery and withdrawal symptoms can be so severe that in-patient Spice addiction treatment and detoxification may be necessary, depending on the user, the amount and length of time the drug has been used, and the personal ability to handle the withdrawal symptoms. Plus, medical issues are occurring in some during detox that may need physician intervention. Users who expect milder withdrawal symptoms may be okay with minimal support such as joining a group whose members have quit using Spice.

Spice is not a safe drug. Some have experienced hallucinations and have acted out violent behavior. It is laced with chemical cocktails that can cause kidney failure, heart attacks and other serious and fatal medical conditions. Withdrawal can be quite severe, and many hard drug users actually avoid using Spice due to the negative effects it has had on them.

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