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Sober Transitional Living

Sober transitional living: the key to long term sobriety

After completing an inpatient rehabilitation program, many who are in early recovery still require an extra amount of care, sober support, and accountability that only a sober living program can offer.  The early stages of sobriety are often emotional and come with many new feelings that those who are young in recovery may not be fully equipped to deal with.  A sober transitional living program provides an environment that is essential for fostering a healthy lifestyle in early recovery.  Addiction Solutions’ nationally renowned transitional sober living facility programs are the highest quality and most effective sober living program facilities available for both men and women.

What can sober transitional living offer?

The greatest support for overcoming addiction to drugs and alcohol often comes from people who can empathize with, or relate to, your current situation.  Far too often are addicts and alcoholics shamed because of the commonly held misconception of addiction being a lack of self control.  In an Addiction Solutions’ transitional sober living facility, we advocate for the supportive environments that are created through a common bond of overcoming addiction in a sober living program.  Rather than subjecting yourself to a chaotic environment from which you came prior to inpatient treatment, our sober transitional living offers a serene and calm environment that fosters growth and development.  All of Addiction Solutions’ sober living program facilities are 100% drug and alcohol free, safe, secure, and welcoming to all new residents.

What to expect from a sober transitional living facility

Addiction Solutions takes pride in our affordable and beautiful transitional living properties.  All of the residents who choose to reside at one of our multiple sober transitional living programs hold their sobriety in the highest regard, protecting it above all else.  At a sober living program through Addiction Solutions we include the following amenities at all of our residences:

  • Bedding and laundry accessibility
  • Cleaning supplies with fully furnished residences
  • Fully stocked kitchenware and appliances
  • Cleaning supplies and housing necessities

In addition to the housing comfortability at an Addiction Solutions’ transitional sober living facility, our sober living program staff holds our residents highly accountable for remaining abstinent of all illicit and prescription drugs, alcohol, and mood or mind-altering substances.  On a regular basis, you can expect at an Addiction Solutions’ transitional sober living facility:

  • Regular and random drug testing (to be enforced both on a consistent basis, and if any drug use is suspected)
  • Breathalyzing for BAC (blood alcohol content)
  • Regular checks of sober support group attendance
  • Support of behavioral health and medical appointment attendance
  • Prescription medicine maintenance and regulation

You don’t have to walk through early sobriety on your own. Addiction Solutions has the answer to helping you stay sober through the first months of your recovery with any of our transitional sober living facility programs.  Contact us today to begin sober living experience.

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