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Meth Addiction

The best meth addiction detox program through Addiction Solutions

The tight grip that methamphetamine addiction has on its victims is a struggle to free oneself from.  The highly addictive qualities and nature of methamphetamine is one facet of methamphetamine addiction that makes it so difficult to discontinue use.  The first step towards recovery from methamphetamine addiction is to detoxify the body from pollutants that get stored in the internal organs and body during methamphetamine use via a meth addiction detox program.  At Addiction Solutions we offer methamphetamine detoxification program services that comprehensively aid in the complete detoxification from methamphetamines.

Meth, which is short for methamphetamine is a synthetically bourne illicit substance that is similar in chemical composition and effects to pharmaceutical grade amphetamines.  Meth goes by numerous names used to describe both its appearance and effects:

  • Crystal meth
  • Ice
  • Crystal
  • Cristy
  • Glass
  • Hot ice
  • Crank
  • Speed
  • Rocket fuel
Meth is a highly addictive and dangerous stimulant that millions of Americans have abused due to its wide availability and the ease at which it is produced and manufactured.  Crystal meth is similar to other stimulants in its short term euphoric effects on the body.  Methamphetamine effects include:

  • Rapid heart beat
  • A “high” euphoric sense
  • Dilated pupils
  • Elevated body temperature
  • A rush of warmth or euphoria immediately after use

If you or your loved one is displaying signs or symptoms of methamphetamine abuse, the most effective way of stopping methamphetamine addiction begins with a meth addiction detox program through Addiction Solutions.  Our comprehensive methamphetamine detoxification program provides a comfortable detoxification process for those who are addicted to methamphetamines.  Addiction Solutions’ long and short term inpatient medical meth addiction detox programs alleviate all of the following uncomfortable symptoms associated with methamphetamine withdrawal during the detoxification process:

  • Cravings for meth
  • Irregular sleeping patterns
  • Negative behaviors associated with meth addiction and abuse (impulsivity, dishonesty, etc.)
  • Heightened anxiety
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts

Addiction Solutions’ accredited meth addiction detox programs work with all major insurance providers.  We want to help you in your journey towards overcoming methamphetamine addiction – so call us today.  Our assessment team is standing by to assist you with any and all questions you have about our methamphetamine detoxification program.

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