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Inpatient Addiction Detox

Why detox at Addiction Solutions inpatient addiction detox program

Learning when to seek professional treatment for management of your addiction detoxification process is a matter of making a conscious decision to live a new and sober way of life.  Chances are, if you are reading this, you or someone you love meets the requirements to be classified as suffering from addiction.  Some of the medically accepted signs of drug addiction are:

  • Inability to control or limit use despite negative consequences
  • Social and personal sacrifices made to continue use
  • Forgoing physical appearance and health
  • Faltering on responsibilities (financial, personal, etc.)
  • Building and rising tolerance to drug of choice
  • Dishonesty regarding frequency and amount of use
  • Resorting to illegal means to consistently obtain drug of choice
  • Avoidance of people who do not use or provide drugs
  • Obsession with obtaining and using drugs

If you or your loved one is able to identify with one or more of the above mentioned symptoms of addiction, there is a decent chance that inpatient addiction detox is required to successfully stop abusing drugs.  Enduring the detoxification and withdrawal process purely upon self-reliance or detoxing “cold turkey” rarely works in the long-term, and often results in the user returning to active drug use.  An inpatient addiction detoxification program through Addiction Solutions is the most effective way for you to stop using drugs and alcohol for good.

Infinitely increase your chances of success in sobriety

Drug addiction isn’t an easy affliction to shake, even once the decision is made to try and stop using drugs.  The mental and physical obsession that is often synonymous with drug addiction is too much for one to try and overcome without professional inpatient addiction detox assistance.  There’s no shame in admitting you need help in overcoming addiction to drugs, and the first step is an inpatient addiction detoxification program.

Your safety is priority number one

Illicit street and prescription drugs when abused by themselves or in a cocktail of substances, have the power to reap severe and life-threatening damages to your body during detoxification and withdrawal.  Besides the added chance of success in getting and staying sober by attending an inpatient addiction detox, by allowing the professionals at Addiction Solutions to medically monitor your detoxification process you are eliminating the chances of severe medical side effects from the mismanagement of withdrawal symptoms.  Severe withdrawal side effects that can occur from drug detoxification:

  • Seizures
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Death

To review your treatment options, and get a second professional opinion about detox programs offered through Addiction Solutions – call one of our detox coordinators.  Our professional staff is on call and readily available to answer any of your questions about detoxification and inpatient addiction detox.

Recovery Begins with the First Step.

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