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Three Conditions that require an Immediate Inpatient Addiction Detox

Three Conditions that require an Immediate Inpatient Addiction Detox

Are you suffering from the three conditions that require an urgent inpatient addiction detox?

Learn about these conditions and how an addiction detoxification in an inpatient setting can help you.

Suicidal tendencies. Losing social connections, isolation, depression, anxiety and mood swings due to addiction can increase the risk of suicidal tendencies. Mental disorders aggravated by mood altering substances also puts the drug addict at risk for suicide. So, if you or your loved one is looking for a way to die, like searching for guns, lethal or high-dose drugs, self-loathing, isolating from others and talks about death and organize it (like writing a will), run to the inpatient detox before it’s too late!
When someone enters inpatient rehab they are completely broken, ashamed and they feel like they hit rock bottom. You can see in their eyes how their lives fell apart and how they wanted to stop using drugs but they cannot.
An inpatient addiction detox facility is the starting place for healing for someone who wants to quit. It is where someone will pick you up when you think you cannot go on any further. There are people who walked before you and understood what you go through. They know that you want to get out of addiction but you cannot. And they know how to help you because many of the former residents have been there and they have gone through phenomenal leaps in their recovery, and they can inspire you to do the same.
Job/school and home interferes in the recovery. You need to stay in a place where everyone supports your recovery. The inpatient detox center helps you avoid places, people and situations you used to associate with drug or alcohol abuse. It is a structured environment where you would usually have a basic treatment.
Upon waking up in the morning, you take a shower and weigh in. By about 8 am residents usually make affirmations with the group and say something that they like about themselves and what they are thankful for.  This may be hard for you at first considering the fact that most addicts have problems with self-esteems and self-acceptance because of guilt and the things that they lost to addiction. But, you will eventually get used to it as you do in on a daily basis.
Serious medical conditions. Patients who developed cirrhosis, heart disease, kidney disorders, stomach bleeding and other serious health conditions need quick intervention when something untoward happens. Detox staff carefully observes patients for signs of respiratory depression, confusion, tremor and other life-threatening reactions and implement medical support strategies to treat drug addiction and remove its side effects in the user’s body.  Patients who have been using drugs for a long time may have serious detox reactions that can put their lives at risk without the prompt medical intervention from the staff of inpatient rehab.
Call us at 1-888-790-6695 for more details about how our inpatient addiction detox can help you otr your loved one with drug and alcohol addiction.

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