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Hash Addiction

Hash Addiction Facts

What is Hash?

Hash comes from the bottom of a marijuana plant and has similar effects as marijuana. There are a variety of different names for hash like hashish, hemp, chronic and hash oil. While many people believe that hash is a non-addictive drug, hash has the possibility of becoming highly addictive.

How is Hash Use?

Hash can be used in a variety of different ways. Recreational uses and those with a hash addiction can become quite creative when it comes to using this mind-altering substance. Some of the most common ways that people use hash are to smoke it like a cigarette, or they can put it in a bong or a pipe. Users can also take hash and mix it with different foods. The most common edibles for hash are brownies or cookies. The drug can also be turned into an oil, which can be vaporized or put into a drink.

Hash Addiction Symptoms

Many people are completely unaware that they’ve become addicted to hash. They believe that they only use it recreationally or that it’s simply a way for them to relax. Addiction affects roughly one out of every 12 people on earth, and these people have lost the power of choice when it comes to using hash. They develop a dependency to the drug, which means that their body craves it as if it were water or food.

Some of the common symptoms of an addiction is when the person uses the drug even when they don’t want to. They’ll begin seeing that all of the issues they’re having at work, with friends or family as well as their finances all result from their hash usage.

Hash Addiction Withdrawals

Once the body has built a dependence for hash, the person will experience symptoms of withdrawal when they try to quit or lessen the amount that their body is used to using. Some of the most common symptoms of hash withdrawal include anxiety, loss of appetite, irritability as well as insomnia. The good news is that hash addiction treatment can help with withdrawal as well as hash addiction recovery.

Hash Addiction Treatment

When a person realizes that they’ve lost control of their hash use, the best way for them to recover is to go to a hash addiction treatment center. Here, they’ll be educated about the disease of addiction and learn why they’re powerless when it comes to the drug. They’ll attend different types of therapy that will help them with their recovery.

The key to hash addiction recovery is recognizing the causes and conditions of the person’s using. The recovering addict must uncover what their specific triggers are, and then they can learn how to deal with them in a healthy way that doesn’t involve using hash. In hash addiction recovery, the person’s new life is full of possibilities, and they can achieve a lifetime of sobriety by taking it one day at a time.

Recovery Begins with the First Step.

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