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Drug Addiction Intervention

Drug Addiction Intervention: Getting your loved one help for their addiction to drugs or alcohol
One of the more challenging aspects of dealing with a loved one suffering from drug and alcohol addiction is helping them get on the path to overcoming their dependence upon mood and mind altering substances.  If you have tried previously, or don’t know how or where to begin when trying to get your family member help for their addiction dependency issues, the next step may be Addiction Solutions’ drug addiction intervention services.

An intervention is a decisive tool that is instrumental in assisting addicts and alcoholics in overcoming repeated abuse of drugs and alcohol.  Without professional help, many who are addicted find it next to impossible to stop using and drinking on their own.  With the help of an addiction intervention services specialist through Addiction Solutions, anyone has the ability to effectively help their loved one stop abusing drugs and alcohol.

Common signs of addiction that warrant the specialized help of drug addiction intervention professionals through Addiction Solutions are:

  • Chronic and repeated use of drugs and/or alcohol, despite any attempts to stop
  • Dishonesty and lying about use of drugs and alcohol
  • Isolating from friends and family to use drugs and alcohol, or to only surround oneself with other individuals who are partaking in the use of the same drug of choice
  • Erratic and dangerous behavior related to drug and alcohol use
  • Compulsive and impulsive behavior
  • Changes in mood or personality


What is a Drug Addiction Intervention?

An intervention is a combination of professionally guided tactics to allow the addict to see the benefits of getting sober, and support and emotional appeals from family members and loved ones.  Generally a drug addiction intervention is a process that requires all the affected parties to be on the same page of helping the addict get help for their addiction, and a carefully executed plan of action involving multiple family members expressing to the addict how their addiction is affecting their lives negatively.

Professional addiction intervention services through Addiction Solutions provides the participating supportive family unit with counseling services prior to the actual intervention meeting where the addict is given the opportunity to partake in professional addiction treatment.  The family is educated about the disease of addiction, why drug addiction intervention is important, how the intervention is structured, and the proper steps to take should the addict decline any professional assistance offered.

Consult with Addiction Solutions’ drug addiction intervention services department today, to begin the process of helping your family member or loved one.  You can be the factor that helps your loved one overcome drug or alcohol addiction, if you make the decision to partake in Addiction Solutions’ drug addiction intervention today.

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