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Recovery Begins with the First Step.

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Drug Addiction Inpatient Treatment

Conquering your addiction through Addiction Solution’s alcohol and drug addiction inpatient treatment options

Anyone who has tried on their own to stop abusing drugs and alcohol can attest to the assertion that it is nearly impossible to accomplish this on your own.  Drug and alcohol addiction paralyzes the victim into a dangerous and often fatal routine of constant substance intake and abuse.  For an addict or alcoholic, the inability to stop using drugs and alcohol isn’t about a lack of willpower, morals, or empathy for the pain they are causing loved ones.  Addiction is a disease that attacks the host, making them go to any length – whatever the consequences – to get that next “fix”.

Whether you have tried previously to stop using drugs and alcohol addictively, or this is your first attempt at such, Addiction solutions offers you our extensive and effective substance abuse treatment facility resources to help you finally overcome the cyclical and painful existence that is living with an addiction.

You Have a Choice

Addiction Solutions is an advocate for your rights and needs in every addicted individual’s regard, but especially when it comes to compiling a plan of action to recover from substance abuse.  We want to provide you with an extensive range of substance abuse treatment facility options, that best suit you and your unique recovery needs.  Addiction Solutions’ alcohol and drug addiction inpatient treatment, residential treatment, intensive outpatient, detoxification and stabilization, and outpatient treatment facilities cater to every level of addiction – all meeting the highest standards of quality care and effectiveness:

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Inpatient Treatment

  • Inpatient addiction treatment is one of our most popular and effective choices for all ranges of addictions.  Inpatient care is most appropriate for men and women who cannot stop addictively using on their own, and have either attempted previously or have never tried to stop abusing drugs and alcohol on their own.

Residential alcoholism and addiction treatment

  • For those who require long term quality care and therapeutic supervision, Addiction Solutions provides a residential alcoholism and addiction rehab option.  Thoroughly treating both addiction and all underlying issues, residential treatment is appropriate for extensive and severe cases of alcoholism and addiction, or for those who suffer from cross addiction and co-occurring (dual diagnosis) disorders.

IOP and Intensive Outpatient

  • An effective option for those who need to work their recovery around their busy lives, or as an aftercare sober living program for individuals who have graduated from an alcohol and drug addiction inpatient treatment – IOP (intensive outpatient) allows options for you to attend recovery educational classes while still tending to your day-to-day obligations.

Outpatient addiction treatment

  • Outpatient is most effective when paired with a strong recovery program, and is most often utilized as a precautionary measure for men and women who have graduated from both inpatient and intensive outpatient programs.  Also highly regarded as an important measure for those who are involved in a sober living program, outpatient is a vital part of maintaining sobriety in the long term.

Detoxification and stabilization addiction programs

  • Detoxification is often a necessary step when first getting clean and sober.  In order to graduate to one of Addiction Solutions’ other more intensive substance abuse treatment facility options – many will find that they medically require supervision and detoxification on a professional level.  Offering a wide variety of medical and therapeutic options for detox, Addiction Solutions is able to provide the highest quality of addiction detoxification care for all substances.To further discover what Addiction Solutions has to offer you for addiction treatment options, call us today.  All of our drug addiction inpatient treatment options are accepted by major medical insurance providers, and we want to help you discover what life is like without being addicted drugs and alcohol.  The first step is to call.

Recovery Begins with the First Step.

Call to Speak with One of Our Addiction Specialists Today.